Our products are the end result of the efforts of a large team of professionals who are committed to producing products with great flavour and health-giving qualities. Our production process sets the most demanding quality standards: from the genetics of the animal and the way it is reared, through to the production of the animal feed that enables the balanced, natural development of our animals. All these efforts are dedicated to ensuring we can always select the very best meat from which to prepare our products.

At Campodulce we use traditional methods in combination with facilities that are equipped with the latest technology, to guarantee the traditional flavour and supreme quality of our hams, pork shoulders and charcuterie products, whether they are made from cerdo blanco or ibérico pork.

Our products are handled by the major distribution groups and are sold in more than 30 different countries across five continents. Our flexibility allows us to adapt to suit the needs of each customer and each market.